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Writing Assessment Grids: How To Use

APLiteracy’s Writing Assessment Grids are designed to gather evidence of what children can do across a range of writing. The principle behind them is that each year group’s grid features key learning from previous year groups so that  all learning is constantly reinforced and re-taught.

This will ensure that children reach the end of  Y6 with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve age related expectations. They have recently been updated to include key learning from the composition strand of the curriculum to reflect new assessment guidelines from The Standards & Testing Agency.

The grids can be used formatively alongside a school’s tracking system. with information from the grids being fed into the tracker. As a picture of the child as a writer is gradually built up across the year, gaps in learning can clearly be seen and addressed.

A large amount of evidence can be gathered from one piece of writing or just one piece of key evidence spotted in a piece.

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