Zoom CPD – Assessing Writing

Zoom CPD - Assessing Writing

Assessing Writing

Choose from:

Assessing Writing in Y1 - 8.12.20
Assessing Writing in Y2 -   9.12.20
Assessing Writing in Y3 - 10.12.20
Assessing Writing in Y4 - 15.12.20
Assessing Writing in Y5 - 16.12.20
Assessing Writing in Y6 - 17.12.20

£10.00 per delegate per session

Session overview

In this session, I will look at how to assess children's writing.  I will -

  • unpick the curriculum for your year group and previous year groups
  • outline what age related and greater depth look like
  • look at examples of age related and greater depth writing

There will be the opportunity to follow this up with a moderation session.  This will involve sending me three writing collections beforehand, which we will discuss during the follow-up session.  You will then have benchmark collections for each standard ('working towards the expected standard', 'working at the expected standard' and 'working at greater depth').

 A follow-up session will cost £100 per school.