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Back to school

From the beginning of lockdown, I have been adding daily stories* and tasks here, a different year group each day. The purpose of these was primarily to support parents home-schooling their children.

My aim was to provide tasks that children could access by themselves, working with me, whilst their parents worked from home or home-schooled another child.

As the weeks progressed, many teachers also used my stories and tasks with the children of key  workers and, as more children are set to return to school, I’ve decided to develop my existing stories and tasks so that they are aimed primarily at teachers who can use them as the basis for units of work but will also still be useful for parents who are continuing to home-school. In each year group area, there are examples of grammar exercises, ‘short-burst writing’ opportunities, reading-for-fluency practice (younger age groups) and reading comprehension questions linked to seven age appropriate stories. These can be adapted to any story so please feel free to mix and match.

As children return to school, I know that your primary aim will be to re-integrate children into the school setting – a setting which will be different to the one they left several weeks ago – to work on their security safety and mental health but also to asses where they are with their learning and to narrow the gap between those children who have been home-schooled and those who haven’t.

As well as all this, many of you will still be supporting those children who have not returned to the school setting whilst ensuring your own children are safe and being schooled. It is important that during the coming weeks, you are kind to yourselves and I’m hoping that my stories and  tasks will reduce your workload by supporting you with planning English lessons around texts your children will love. The tasks can also be adapted to be used with other texts.

Please note that I use my reading question stems to develop the comprehension questions for the reading tasks and ‘Reading Between the Lines’ by Delamain and Spring to develop inference questions for Y5/Y6.  Also note that I use my grammar question stems to develop some of the writing tasks.


If applicable, answers to tasks and any teaching points arising will be shared the following week, so that children can mark their own.

Further resources

Also refer to my Progression in Grammar and Punctuation powerpoint which will support with addressing gaps in learning, along with the linked explanatory video.

Finally, don’t forget the videos linked to my writing exemplification that will support you with knowing what age related and greater depth look like for the year group you are teaching.

*Thank you to the publishers who have granted permission for their books to be read during the coronavirus crisis so that all children can continue to enjoy listening to amazing stories.