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Writing 101: Strategies to progress your students
This short blog is written for teachers (particularly NQTs) to understand the key strategies that can enable children to progress their writing.  Read More

The Teacher’s Podcast
In this episode of The Teachers’ Podcast, Claire Riley meets with Alison Philipson, an independent literacy consultant.Watch Here and Listen Here

Teacher Talks blog
“I really really wanted to make children much more independent with their writing. As the class teacher I also wanted to feel much more confident when assessing what the children can do without a heavy amount of adult support. I just couldn’t put my finger on how I could do it. Until Alison Philipson arrived!!! Read More

That Boy Can Teach blog: Reading Roles Testimonials
Reading Roles help teachers to be more deliberate in their teaching of reading skills. Rather than just ask a question inspired by the text, teachers can be more deliberate about asking particular kinds of questions, making their lessons more focused.   Read More

That Boy Can Teach blog: How to Write Good Comprehensive Questions
Many of the commercially available reading tests often have some questions which are poorly written, so poor that it is unclear as to what the questioner is getting at. These ambiguously written questions can hardly help children to develop their ability to understand what they have read, nor can they be a useful assessment of what they understand. The problem is that asking good comprehension questions that make sense to children is really difficult – it’s an art we have to practice, and that we might not always get right. But what can we do to ensure that we provide the best questions possible in our reading lessons? Read More