How to use Reading Assessment Grids

APLiteracy’s Reading Assessment Grids are designed to gather evidence of what children can do in reading across the key national curriculum areas of vocabulary, retrieval and inference and within the content domains of the reading tests.

The principle behind them is that they show progression in learning across the year groups so that children reach the end of  Y6 with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve age related expectations in the reading test. They are designed to be used alongside the question stems which are based on the sample tests in 2025 and the 2016 and 2017 reading tests.

The grids can be used formatively alongside a school’s tracking system. with information from the grids being fed into the tracker. As a picture of the child as a reader is gradually built up across the year, gaps in learning can clearly be seen and addressed.

Evidence can be gathered during 1:1 sessions, group sessions or whole class reading lessons.

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